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Our ‘This Time Next Year A Baby’ Party Next party tbc. However visit us anyhow!

For fifteen years we put off dinner parties as we fought childlessness. Not any more.
The non-event that are staid, self-congratulating and back slapping parties that one stumps up several hundred just to sit on the shelf and then be expected to cough up a further amount for luke warm tea and a muffin we are not!

Come meet us as we hold four free parties a year at our place in London, England. If you cannot attend or live elsewhere then ask a friend or a relative to attend on your behalf and get to gauge whether surrogacy in India is for you or not.

Other couples will be there at all stages of their surrogacy. Patients about to go, patients coming back, those thinking of surrogacy and those showing their babies off! Sometimes we rope in a surrogacy doctor to attend as well as our accommodation handlers both of whom are British. Rajesh does his best to fly in from India for your benefit so please come and meet us all.

There will be all manner of tidbits from us and others and we can pick each other’s brains and experiences so bring along a pen and a note pad. We’ll also be presenting a bag full of Indian baby goodies, samples, some given free if you’re in a rush to catch the plane. Did I mention the food?

Those who you will be meeting at the party are your family. Make friends and keep in touch with people who can empathise with yours and our situation. Our Daisy and Dhillon await.

Next party tbc. However come visit us as many do. Call or emailĀ  us anytime thank you.

Email to attend :

We try to cook up Indian food so as to get you ‘going’!
To prepare you for your adoptive country we have Indian biscuits, Indian drinks, Indian sweets and even Indian ketchup to dip your onion bhaji in. Nobody leaves empty handed or empty belly.

Presentation, demonstration and paperwork of the sort you’ll never discover elsewhere on this planet

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