The sort of questions your average Joe or Joginder would ask, but was afraid to ask.
Answered by Dr Kadam.

Q1: Where do you plan to deliver babies?

Currently, Hiranandani Hospital is the best option. I am trying at the other multispeciality hospitals. Will let you know.

Q2: Is your new premises cheaper to lease than Bandra and is this one main reason of your lower charges?

No. I have taken a reduction in all my profits.

Q3: What is the proportion of oversea clients in your clinic?

to follow

Q4: We are aware that some clinics will make sure that you fail your first attempt to maximize on profits. With your clinic, what are the success rates for surrogates conceiving first time with a frozen transfer?

Our success rates with frozen embryo transfers is close to our fresh embryo transfer rates and is approx. 40-45% per attempted cycle.

Q5: Will new patients have off-the-shelf surrogates ready and willing or will there be a waiting period?

to follow

Q6: Is your male specimen room in fully working order? Will male patients be given 'materials' to work with including a working dvd player and instructed how to operate?

It’s best to bring along a magazine or newspaper as patients keep pinching the ‘glossy’ mags!
I left some Playboy magazines and xxx VCD with the clinic, inform us if it’s not available.

Q7: What pretests and checkups does the intended parent need to perform in the west before sanctioning treatment?

Baseline Profile (To be done on day 2/3 of your menstrual cycle if using your own eggs)

[] Serum FSH
[] Serum LH
[] Serum TSH
[] Serum Prolactin

Fertility Screen

[] Complete Blood Count
[] Fasting & PP Sugar
[] Blood Grouping & Rh typing
[] Bleeding Time & Clotting Time
[] Routine Urine
[] Test for HbsAg
[] Test for HCV
[] Test for VDRL
[] HIV (1+2) Antibody
[] Test for Chlamydial Antibodies (IgM + IgG)
[] Endometrium for TMA-TB & TB Culture
[] Test for Antiphospholipid Antibodies (IgG + IgM)

Male Tests

[] Routine Semen Analysis
[] Antisperm Antibodies (Husband/Wife)
[] Semen Culture ABST
[] Test for HbsAg
[] HIV (1+2) Antibody
[] Blood Grouping Rh typing
[] Detailed Sperm Morphological Profile(Modified Kruger’s Criteria)

These tests can be done in India. To do these tests just prior to commencing surrogacy is possible. The outcome does have a bearing on the surrogacy program. You will need to arrive a week earlier. Best to confirm all this with the clinic.

Q8: What scans/tests do you do during the course of the pregancy?

Scans are done approx. every monthly for the surrogates. In addition, Nuchal scan is done at 13 weeks, anomaly scan at 20 weeks and 3D/4D scan at approx. 28-30 weeks.
HIV tests are done monthly.
Complete screening of all infectious diseases is done at the time of recruitment, again at three months and seven months of pregnancy.
Triple Marker tests are done in the first and second trimester.
Monthly updates for the surrogates is given to the indented parents every monthly till seventh month followed by fortnightly in the eighth month and weekly in the ninth month.

Q9: Down syndrome test?

We do the Nuchal Translucency scan at 11-13 weeks for this and we do the Triple Marker Test for Down’s syndrome at the same time.

Q10: Amniocentesis test?

This is not done routinely. It is done only if Triple Marker is abnormal or NT scan is abnormal.

Q11: Biophysical profile?

We do 3D/4D scan at 30 weeks.

Q12: Could I ask to stop the pregnancy if the baby appears abnormal conditions?

Yes, you can.

Q13: What checks and criteria do you make on any surrogate entering your program?

She must have her own children and be under 35/36 years of age. The surrogates we recruit undergo a thorough and strict screening process which includes a hormonal screen as well as an infectious disease screen along with a psychological screen and an IQ test done by a qualified psychologist. They are also counseled at the clinic along with their husbands regards the entire process prior to taking them up into the program. We have social workers allocated for each surrogate who take care of them. Their nutrition and diet is controlled by us and we have a staff nurse visiting them daily.

Q14: Can you provide information on your new laboratory and equipment?

We have a state of the ART laboratory equipped with the most advanced instruments and equipments keeping in mind the delicate work that needs to be done here. Our K-System, which is the main work station for any lab. is specially imported from Germany and technically best suited to handle the delicate oocytes.
There are two incubators, both large ones for culturing our embryos and which act as a back up for each other. The ICSI machine is from Research Instruments, UK and is the most stable micro manipulator to work on. We also have facility for Assisted Hatching and doing blastocyst cultures. There are also the large Nitrogen tanks for storage of the embryos and facilities are there for vitrification method of freezing.

Q15: How many embryos can be implanted in the surrogate?

to follow

Q16: The male giving his semen sample. This assumes he only needs to arrive for a day to give his sample. Do you not need to check his semen/blood for HIV/AIDS etc and if so hows that done in one day?

Please note that we will recommend the male patient to get his screening test for HIV done in his own country. However, we will get an HIV-PCR done upon his arrival here before we inseminate the eggs with his sperms.

Q17: I am white. We don't seek a donor. All I want is my eggs implanted on your surrogate. How long will I need to be in india?

You will need to be here for two weeks starting from day 1/2 of your menses so that we can start your stimulation here. However, you can also begin your injections in your hometown and reach the clinic by day 7/8 so that your stay in Mumbai is for a week only. (cost of drugs in the west is higher)

Q18: Using my frozen embryo, it should take less than 2 weeks to complete the whole surrogacy process. Exactly how long?

Yes, you can.

Q19: I am white. We don't seek a surrogate or donor. All I want is IVF done on myself.

In case of a Frozen Embryo Transfer, you will need to be in Mumbai for a maximum of five days. We will begin the preparation of the surrogate here from day 1 of her menses and begin her Luteal support once the embryos have reached our clinic. The Embryo Transfer is done on the fourth day after we begin the luteal support. The surrogate will then continue all her medication for fifteen days at the end of which a pregnancy test will be done. You can however, leave the day of the Embryo Transfer and we will inform you the report by email.

Q20: What is the best day of my cycle to book my first appointment. As I don't wish to stay any longer than necessary. Is this the same for donor surrogacy as well as standard surrogacy?

The best day for the initial appointment with a short stay will be day 1/2 of menses in case of a self cycle and 1-2 days prior to the donor’s Ovum Pick-up in case of a donor egg cycle. (If you can understand this you’re a better person than I am! Both instances use a surrogate, first instance is if you use your own egg and the other instance is when a donor is used. Unless … oh forget it!)

Q21: Can we send our own found surrogate to your clinic to perform the blood tests etc alone. Can we prepay the fees for this?

Yes. Sure you can. Kindly ask the surrogate to reach the clinic on day 1/2 of her menses on an empty stomach for the same.

Q22: The accuracy of period is never known in advance so can our own found surrogate go to the clinic when she's on the first day or does an appointment have to be made? Can she turn up unannounced and still perform tests?

Kindly note that she is required to be on an empty stomach for the Fertility Screen. We would therefore recommend her to go fasting on Day 2 of her menses and get all the tests done together(Baseline Profile and Fertility Screen) at one time.

Q23: So using our own frozen embryo that we brought along can we expect a reduction in price of surrogacy since we won't be needing any large scale medication. The total cost of surrogacy in this case will be ....?

to follow

Q24: If decided to proceed with surrogacy, do we come to your clinic to leave sperm/eggs or can we do it at a clinic at home and have it frozen and sent to your clinic?

You may freeze your sperm with a clinic there itself and we can arrange to ship it to us. However, the current visa regulations require you to travel to India on a medical visa to start the process of surrogacy and sign the surrogacy agreement.

Q25: Should I bring along or fax over to you anything regarding our past medical history?

Yes, preferably courier us copy of all the previous reports so that we can guide you better.

Q26: Could I send some vitamins & nutriment to my surrogate mother regularly if she gets pregnant?

Yes, you can.

Q27: How long is the process when using an egg donor? (fresh and not frozen)

You are required to stay a minimum of one day to give your semen sample(s)
If you plan to get your own egg donor or a donor from an agency, she will be required to stay in Mumbai for approx. 15 days starting from day 1/2 of her menses and if time is a constraint, then she can begin the injections in the west and reach India by day 6/7 so that we can monitor her further here.

Q28: Do you offer test of genetics DNA for the egg donor in order to avoid genetic and heredable disease risks?

We do not do this routinely for all our donors, but we can do it for the donor you choose at an additional fee to you.

Q29: Is there a chance that you might mix up the eggs – have you ever had this before? I have heard stories of this happening.

Please note that such a thing does not happen as we follow very strict quality norms wherein patient labeling begins from semen jars to even syringes and needles as wells a all plates with the embryos. The delicate dishes are handled only by a well trained embryologist and we all know the ISO norms and follow the same and our clinic will also obtain certificate for the same.

Q30: My friend got a Donor and a Surrogate about 5 years ago and later on (after doing a dna test) he discovered that the baby is NOT HIS! How do I ensure that after all has been done that:
A)The donor is the same that was first presented to me.
B)My sperm was the one that was actually used and not some random guy .

You can be present in the clinic at the time of the Ovum (egg) Pick-up of the donor.
You can do a DNA test later to confirm.

Q31: Can you tell me in regards to Indian egg donors the difference between wheatish and fair. Which is lighter skin colour?

Fair is a lighter skin colour.

Q32: I'm thinking whether to use the eggs of my wife whose age is 42 or an egg donor.

In light of your wife’s advanced age, we will recommend her to get her S.FSH level done on day 1/2/3 of her next menses. An FSH level of more than 10 mIU/ml but less than 14 mIU/ml is suggestive of Incipient Ovarian Failure and that above 14 mIU/ml suggests Established Ovarian Failure. In such a case Donor Egg IVF will be the best option for you.(the less the number the better)

Q33: Can I see and choose an Egg Donor from her picture before flying to India?

Yes, of course
(Prompt them every month for the newest batch of donors for viewing)

Q34: The bill for the procedure of using our own found egg donor over the clinic's donor should be less as there's no donor expenses involved. Is that true? i.e. remove the donor's wage from our bill!

Yes, this is true, provided your egg donor does not require a very high doses of Gonadotropin injections to form multiple eggs.

Q35: Will we meet the clinic's egg donors before treatment?

No. I’m sorry, as this is an anonymous egg donation programme this would not be possible.

Q36: Can I be there at the exact time as the Egg Donor on egg collection day so that I can clearly see who the donor looks like (discreetly) just to alay fears? Being that I have to be there for my sperm sample which happens on same day.

Yes. This can be done. Kindly note that we show you the pictures of our egg donors but do not reveal their names. Thus, you will be able to recognize the egg donor when you see her on the day of egg Pick-up. However, since she is not aware to whom she is donating, she will not recognize you.

Q37: The screening test on our own found Egg Donor will take how long before results?

The entire profile could be done on one day ie. ( Day 1 or 2 or 3 ) of the donor’s menses and we would get the reports within 3 days.

Q38: Do some surrogates of yours donate their own eggs to the cause?

Our egg donor and surrogates are separate. However, our surrogate could be an egg donor separately.

Q39: Is it possible to place multiple eggs in the surrogate mother's womb in order to have twins, if so what would the price for this be?

The price remains the same and is irrespective of the number of embryos transferred. However, if the surrogate carries a twin gestation, then there is a little additional fee you need to pay.(about $1,500-$2,000)

Q40: What are the options to choose egg donor, in terms of ethnicity, hair and eye-color, height, apperance etc in order to resemble the wife?

The clinic can also provide you Indian Ethnic egg donors if you so wish. We have a few donors ready to donate at any given point of time and can mail you the profiles of the same for you to choose if you so wish. Caucasian egg donors can also be arranged by referring you to an agency that helps you with the same. You can however, free to even get your own egg donor if you so wish.

Q41: What happens if the surrogate mother miscarries, do we still pay her?

We definitely need to pay her till she has carried the pregnancy, though not the full amount. Also, we then start again using another surrogate.

Q42: Are surrogacy contracts signed in clinics?


Q43: How much for freezing semen?

to follow.

Q44: How much for freezing eggs/embryos?

to follow

Q45: Can we pay by card?

Yes. (Charge amount to follow)

Q46: A male Gay couple (or single gay bloke) wishes to be a father. He seeks a surrogate and egg donor. Do you cater for single gay male or a male gay couple?

Please note that we cater for two men and even one man 🙂
A recent ban has come in force requiring all patients to be married to an opposite sex for a minimum of two years before any surrogacy treatment can be conducted

Q47: Are you fed up with answering our questions?

No, not at all 🙂