During your initial surrogacy stages you may have stayed at hotels circling the Rs7,000 a night mark and paid meal, transportation and taxes on top. You won’t want to repeat that certainly not for weeks and months whilst your embassy deals with your child’s passport issuance.

Foreigners are subjected to a sharp learning curve when seeking a suitable place for their baby to stay. Avoid being frowned upon, given background checks and forced to stump a deposit of thousands, plus the maintenance fees, tax, utility and not forgetting the minimum length of stay required which may be necessary.

The following are properties for short and long term stays with your baby. Tax and electricity are included with Mumbai being somewhat dearer than nearby Pune. For short stays whilst attempting surrogacy we will suggest a hotel with pool, breakfast and internet along with a car & driver. Details of which will be given to our VIP patients. We’ll also find you a nanny, maid or nurse as the ones offered by the hospital are paid more than the doctors themselves!

If you cannot afford these prices, remember we’re Bobby and Nikki and are here to help you. We only list properties which are family friendly and some flexibility in pricing especially for long term stays. We’re working on other apartments none of which would be possible without your co-operation. So please consider staying with us. Contact us using the form on the right or by email

Couples book several months in advance and stay for weeks if not months. Given enough notice we endeavour to find everybody accommodation. This level of service you will not find elsewhere. First to leave a deposit secures. References available from past surrogacy patients.

Mumbai & Goa

Mumbai apartments for patients attending the clinic or the delivery hospital. Stunning out of town retreats which are all family owned. Apartments in Goa available. Contact


Ideal for longer stays with your baby Rajesh is returning your loyalty to him by including additional services as part of the rent in the nearby city of Pune. Concerned about not being near the hospital? A paediatrician in the Mumbai hospital will charge Rs10,000 for a visit whereas in Pune, Rajesh can show you his own child’s paediatrician working out of Ratna Memorial Hospital who would charge you a fraction less. Then you have the world class Ruby Hall Clinic amongst others in Pune where surrogacy patients also bring their babies for check-ups. All this and more would be brought to your attention. Contact Read all the latest news on these properties 3 bed 3 bath apartment/bungalow in Pune from Rs2,500 per night. Read more